978-1-59095-111-8, 9781590951101, Hard Cover
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Bremens are tough guys.  They're know for hard drinking, hard fighting, and hard loving.  What makes Regen different is his unusual pet.  It's a Skeen, a half rat, half mini-T-Rex that is usually shot on sight for the pest it is.  Skeens are known for two things, eating anything in sight and biting off the hand that feeds them.  Regen raised his pet from an egg.  As a result, it thinks he's its mother.  It follows him around like a tame dog and obeys his master's every command, most of the time.  Regen named the skeen Hitler, after an evil dictator he once read about in an old book.

Regen cares for Hitler, money, Gordian Bourbon, adventure and sensual women, in that order.  Follow this reckless, narcissistic bastard as he travels the galaxy from one adventure to another with Hitler by his side, often bailing him out of deep trouble.