ISBN 978-1-59095-269-6


The first book of the "Javik" trilogy.  

Javik is a young man living in a medieval fantasy world.  His ambition is to become a leader of warriors like his father.  When his father is killed in battle, Javik despairs of ever achieving that goal.  He must have a "mentor" to train him in the skills required to pass his culture's manhood test, "Mauhad", and his father was his only hope.

Because of his father's bravery, the King allows Javik to train with Tao Shan, the best mentor in the kingdom.  While at Tao Shan's school, he finds an escaped slave girl living deep in the forest.  He falls in love with her and vows to free her.

While on Mauhad he manages to find the solution to his problem.

You will come to love Javik, the son every father or mother could wish for.